Title: Multi-disciplinary investigations of the tectono-metallogenic evolution of the Tasman Fold Belt System in NE Queensland, Australia

Year: 2005

Author: Ivo M A Vos

Institution: Monash University, Australia

  • Title & Contents 526.00kB
  • Abstract & Contents 124.00kB
  • Chapter 1: Introduction 1720.00kB
  • Chapter 2: Genesis of orogenic Au deposits in the Broken River Province 4296.00kB
  • Chapter 3: Characteristics of orogenic Au deposits in the Northcote Districts, Hodgkinson Province… 3457.00kB
  • Chapter 4: Geochemistry of Early-Middle Palaeozoic basalts in the Hodgkinson Province… 2638.00kB
  • Chapter 5-1: The Palmerville Fault… 4528.00kB
  • 5-2: 4115.00kB
  • Chapter 6-1: Numerical modelling of a listric fault geometry…Hodgkinson Province 4052.00kB
  • 6-2: 5432.00kB
  • Chapter 7: Palaeozoic tectono-metallogenic evolution of the N Tasman Fold Belt System… 1305.00kB
  • Chapter 8: …Slab break-off (&) generation of major mineral deposits… 542.00kB
  • Chapter 9: Closing remarks & list of publications 244.00kB