Welcome to the new Data Metallogenica website!


Launched in September 2013, the new-look website retains the powerful search capabilities of the original version with some exciting new features, including improved classifications and Google Map location data.
The DM database has been expanded to include many new deposits increasing global coverage to thousands of deposits.  In addition, the translate option allows DM to be used as a reference and training tool in any language (including all European and Scandinavian languages, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Farsi, Swahili etc). This will make DM of great value in many non-English speaking countries.
We have also added a page summarising recently added and updated entries, as well as the most viewed deposits (see Recent Updates & Popular Pages) for those who wish to regularly browse the site.
We are continually updating and improving DM. Future content and capabilities of the website will include:
         -          Deposit of the Week
         -          Increasing global coverage of geoscience thesis lists
         -          A compilation of links to recommended external resources
         -          A directory of useful contacts (e.g. companies, universities and geological surveys)
         -          A “wiki” element, enabling direct interaction between users and the content of the site.
Access to DM is by annual subscription (or sponsorship of the P1040 project), although “Free Deposit Search” allows the content of the website to be reviewed by anyone.
We are presently working our way through a backlog of data, but once this has been processed we would be delighted to accept your contributions (photos, presentations etc.), although if of major and urgent importance please contact DM now.
Please stay tuned for more updates!
Thank you, and happy browsing,
The DM team at AMIRA International