I recently had some time to use the website (which is so cool by the way) and was very impressed. I look forward to all of your additions

- Maureen Moore, President SEG Student Chapter, New Mexico Institute of Mining & Geology, Socorro

The talk on DM was really informative - it is a fantastic resource, which from the response you got today, looks like it will be incredibly useful for students. We look forward to seeing DM develop and will encourage its use within the department

- Laura Crisp, President SEG Student Chapter, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London

It is with deepest gratitude that we acknowledge this invaluable donation to NIGS by Gold Fields which will help immensely our professors and students. What a great Christmas gift!

- Carlo Arcilla, Director, National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines, Quezon City

We are very grateful to you, thank you for your help. We are very happy with this opportunity and we promise you that we will take advantage of DM and we are going to begin to collect information about our mineral deposits to contribute to this metallogenic database. Please send our gratitude to AngloGold Ashanti

- Juanita Rodriguez, Andersson Acevedo and all members of SEG Student Chapter, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota.

I write to thank you and our sponsors from Gold Fields for the wealth of ore deposit information that has been made available to the University of Ghana. We shall make use of the data and also ensure that students and faculty make use of the information to enrich their research. We hope to also help support the growth and development of Data Metallogenica with data we generate as well as theses from our MSc and PhD students. Once again, I thank you very much for your support

- Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo, Department of Geology, University of Ghana, Accra

On behalf of the Mapua Institute of Technology Department of Earth Science and Engineering, I would like to thank you for the free access to Data Metallogenica supplied courtesy of St Barbara Ltd. This will enhance the delivery of instruction in our curriculum

- Marianne Fernandez, Officer in Charge, DESE, Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila

Professor Laznicka’s work and ongoing documentation never ceases to amaze me. I’ve just been in the Kiruna district and it’s a real delight to see the Data Metallogenica record reflecting what I saw underground and more. The open pit was of course snowed in but thanks to the 1986 records we can see it all in quality photos and descriptions. Fantastic and a fabulous resource

- Jim Stewart, Golden Archer Resources, Perth

I’m a librarian working for GeoRef. My current project is to identify Australian geoscience theses that need to be added to our database. I was in despair when I first started this huge project. As you well know, there are thousands of Australian geoscience theses, from many different universities. How to start? So I was delighted to discover Data Metallogenica. I commend you. This superb database, is exactly what I need for this work

- Connie Manson, GeoRef Editor/Indexer, USA

This will be a fantastic reference; DM has potential as a tool to enhance the capabilities and experience base of our geologists

- Brock Riedell, formerly Chief Geologist, BHP Billiton, Vancouver

I just took a detailed look at AMIRA's Data Metallogenica. It's impressive!! This is going to be an incredibly useful tool in the business. AMIRA has applied the latest technology to what can only be the most comprehensive ore deposit collection in the world. I wonder how much the annual subscription fee will be for institutions and educational facilities, but if it is inexpensive enough, they ought to be subscribing massively, just like subscribing to a journal such as Economic Geology

- Antonio Arribas Jr, formerly Exploration Manager South America, Placer Dome, Reno, and VP Geoscience, BHP Billiton, Singapore.
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