Other Names: Gallivare
District: Gallivare
Commodities :   Iron

The Norrbotten Region of northern Sweden contains large reserves of magnetite-apatite ores, particularly at Kiruna (Kirunavaara with +2 Gt of 60-62% Fe) and Malmberget (930 Mt @ 60-62% Fe) in late Palaeoproterozoic (1.88 Ga) rocks, but also copper mineralisation at deposits such as Aitik (global resource of 800 Mt @ 0.3% Cu, 0.2 g/t Au) and Viscaria (production of 13 mt @ 2.3% Cu from a global resource of 40 mt @ 1.5% Cu, 0.7% Zn). These deposits are believed to be related to the Iron Oxide Copper Gold class of deposit. 

(Source: Porter Geoconsultancy,, 2010)

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